Inspired by the likes of Peter Lik and his infamous fine art galleries across the world.
It was a perfect match that my personal passion for photography and my experience within the printing industry gathered from my father’s business, Fotobox.
That, I too, dreamt to open my own fine art modern gallery.
However...when you think of traditional galleries. You think of...art.
You know, traditional art.
Sculptures. Oil paintings. Frames. Old school stuff.
I have an immense respect for this body work. Don’t get me wrong.
But, part of me felt...It just wasn’t for me.
Which is why, when I had the opportunity to head down to Las Vegas in 2017 and see a Lik Fine Art Gallery for the first time. I was blown away.

Level Fine Art, isn’t like the other galleries though.
We are looking to help put new, astounding photographers/artists on the map as well.
We will be exhibiting different photographers and artists who creates spectacular works and have them available on location for sell.
These prints will be done on fine art metal and acrylic.
A sleek, modern finish.
Perfect for your new home, office, condo or hotel lobby, etc.

Feel free to come by to check out the artwork on display or see some of the images for sale on our site: www.levelfineart.com