Image Requirements

In order to have an optimal print, your image will need to meet certain requirements if you intend to upload your own image:

  • Cropped to size at 300 DPI (dots per inch) 
    For example, a 20x30 metal print should be cropped to 2:3 ratio at a 6000x9000 resolution.

  • Allow for 0.5" bleed margin.
    This means do not include any small text or watermark near the edges of your image.

  • Color space should be sRGB or Adobe RGB
    Due to the nature of how metal prints are made, we are unable to provide an ICC profile to apply upon your image. If there are any discrepancies with how your image turns out, we will do a one-time reprint for you upon return of the original. However, we highly recommend using a color calibrated monitor in neutral lighting when editing and viewing your image on screen. 

  • Accepted File Formats
    We prefer your images saved as high-resolution JPEG, PNG, TIFF. You may use this link to send us your images that will accept up to 2GB. Please do not send us RAW format images or PSD with multiple layers. 

  • Ordering Correct Aspect Ratio for Image
    When choosing your size from the Size drop-down menu. Please keep in mind the aspect ratio of your image.

    Majority of the sizes in the dropdown will be either: 
    1:1 (square) -For example: 30x30 
    2:3 (DSLR) -For example: 20x30
    3:4 (Point/Shoot Cameras and Phones) -For example: 24x32
    4:5 (Standard Frame) -For example: 16x20 

    Please keep this in mind when choosing the size for your fine art metal print as if you choose an alternative size then your image will have to be cropped. A Level FAM expert will be in contact with you if there is a discrepancy with your image however this could delay the process. 

If any further assistance is required please feel free to contact us at as we'd be more than happy to help!